Colloquium — Managing the Colorado River in Interesting Times: Overallocation, Drought, & Climate Change

Date / Time:  April 27, 4PM

Location: ENR2 Building, Room 225 (1064 E. Lowell St., Tucson)

Speakers: Ted Cooke General Manager, CAP; Marie Pearthree, P.E. Former Deputy General Manager, CAP

This is a critical time for the State of Arizona and key sectors of its economy, given the impacts of the 17-year drought on the Colorado River and the historic overallocation of its supplies characterized as a “structural deficit.” This colloquium will present the history of Colorado River management from 1922 to the present, focusing on the evolution of decision making on the river over time, the impacts of changing climatic and hydrologic conditions on water supplies, and current negotiations among the seven basin states and Mexico.

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