AzSEF 2017 Award Winners Announced

AHS and the CAP would like to announce the following awards at the AzSEF 2017 fair. Thanks to Paul Plato of Clear Creek Associates for his work on this project.

Senior Division

$200 1st Place to Jeffrey Zou, for his project:  S-ENEV-009: Phytoremediation of Chromium: A Study of Uptake of Maize.  (Hamilton H.S.)

$100 2nd Place to Jane Jensen, Shelby Lockhart and Oliver Rodriguez, for their project: S-EAEV-011: Heavy Metal Water (School Unknown)

$50 3rd Place to Mariam Bacha, Asma Aden and Ruwaida Abshir, for their project: S-EAEV-021: Soil Contamination by Hydrocarbons (School Unknown)

Junior Division

$100 for 1st Place to Maya Baker for her Project: J-EV-020 – The Correlation Between Cottonwood Tree Size and Hydraulic Gradient of the Water Table in Sabino Canyon (School Unknown)

$50 2nd Place to Amanda Branch and Kailee Pirch, for their project: J-EV-009 – Healthy Ponds (Rim Country Middle School)

Elementary Division

$100 for 1st Place to Joshua Shunk and Brian Kim, for their Project: E-EA-012 – Project: Groundwater Collection (Knox Gifted Academy)

$50 2nd Place to Jenna Copp, for her project: E-EV-035 – Water Away (Ranch Viejo Elementary School)

$50 2nd Place to Mathew Moore, for his project: E-EV-007 – Does Soil pH Affect the Movement of Macronutrients Through the Soil Profile (Gowan Science Academy)

Honorable Mention (certificate only) to Torin Claggett for her project: A Cap on the C.A.P.

Honorable Mention (certificate only) to Caleb Rasor for his project: Water in the Desert:  Make a Difference

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