Tucson Water Promotions

Dee Korich was recently promoted to be the new Chief Hydrologist for Tucson Water in the Water Resources Section of the Planning and Engineering Division. Korich started her career with Tucson Water as an intern and worked in positions with increasing responsibility over the years. She was Lead Hydrologist in the Water Resources Section before accepting the Chief Hydrologist position.  Dee has a M.Admin. from NAU and an M.S. in hydrology from UA.

Candice Rupprecht was named Water Conservation Program Supervisor, taking over for Daniel Ransom in the Strategic Initiatives Division. Rupprecht joined Tucson Water in 2014 after working for several years at the Water Resources Research Center, where she focused on water education, engagement and conservation research. In her time at Tucson Water, she launched two new rebate programs and elevated Tucson Water’s efficiency efforts nationally. She has an M.S. in hydrology and a B.S. in geosciences from UA.

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