The AHS Foundation

The AHS Foundation provides long-term assured funding for students of all ages.

The annual meeting of the AHS Foundation is held each year at the AHS Symposium. In 2017, this meeting will be held on September 6, from 3:00–4:30 PM. Check the program for the exact location.

Your generous donations can be used to support either the long-term endowment for the Bouwer, Halpenny, or Avery Intern scholarships OR the annual educational expenses for the Bouwer, Halpenny, and Avery Interns, AHS academic scholarships, high school science fair awards, and K-12 teacher programs.

If you choose one of the endowment options, AHSF will add your donation to the appropriate Endowment where it will be held in perpetuity. Interest from the Endowment will be used, as needed, to support the intern scholarships.

If you choose annual educational expenses, you are letting us decide where your donation is needed most.

Where do you want your funds to go?
What type of donation is this?

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