News from the Front Lines of the California Drought Struggle: August 2015

California Beats Water Conservation Goal Despite Hottest June Ever


SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Water use fell by 27 percent in June, passing the conservation target set by Gov. Jerry Brown during the drought, regulators said Thursday.

Data released by the State Water Resources Control Board shows 265 out of 411 local agencies hit or nearly reached savings targets.

Brown previously ordered an overall 25 percent reduction in urban water use. His administration gave each community nine months to hit assigned conservation targets as high as 36 percent. Cities that fail to hit those marks could face state-ordered conservation measures and fines.

California’s largest cities, including Los Angeles, San Diego and San Jose, previously released figures for June showing strong water conservation. The agencies that met or came within 1 percent of their mandatory water conservation target serve 27 million Californians.

The savings came during the hottest June on record, which would normally lead to an uptick in water use. Read more…



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