Pilot System Conservation Program

Several entities — CAP, Denver Water, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, Southern Nevada Water Authority, and the Bureau of Reclamation — are providing up to $32M to fund Colorado River system water conservation projects. This “Pilot System Conservation Program” (PSCP) is funding projects from all water use sectors (agricultural, municipal, and industrial) in all seven Colorado River Basin states.

The program was initiated in 2014. Its goal is to test a range of water conservation concepts and determine whether voluntary, measurable reductions in the consumptive use of Colorado River water will provide a feasible / cost-effective approach to partially mitigate the impacts of long-term drought. Any Colorado River water conserved is earmarked for one purpose: to increase storage levels in Lake Mead and Lake Powell. Reclamation’s Lower Colorado Region is the implementing agency for the program in the Lower Basin, while the Upper Colorado River Commission is the implementing agency in the Upper Basin.

To learn more and see a complete list of projects underway, click here.

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