Help ADWR Update the Phoenix AMA Groundwater Model!

Fellow AHS members,

ADWR is currently updating the Phoenix AMA groundwater model.  Correctly assessing vertical flow is an important component of the model and difficult to do because there are so few known pairs or clusters of wells screened at different intervals in the same location.  If your project has such wells, it would be very helpful to ADWR (and lead to a better model we can all use) if you could check with your client for clearance to provide information from the wells to ADWR.  Useful information would include:

  • Horizontal survey data (UTMs)
  • Screened intervals
  • Time-series head data (any and all head data)
  • Logs
  • 55-number
  • Groundwater Site Inventory (GWSI) SITE ID # (if available)
  • Any interpretation (say from logs, site specific modeling, aquifer testing for T, Kxy, Kz)

Please e-mail your data sets to Keith Nelson, .  We will all benefit from the best model possible.


Jeff Trembly
Special Projects Coordinator
Arizona Department of Water Resources
(602) 771-8425

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