Geology Student Wins NAU’s $2000 Monte Prize

As some of you may remember from last month’s Newsletter, our own Erin Young (City of Flagstaff) had the honor (and unbelievably difficult task) of judging eight 2nd and 3rd year NAU Geology Graduate Student Posters. The winner of this year’s $2,000 Monte Prize was Taylor Sanchez from Pueblo of Acoma, New Mexico. Taylor received her BA in 2012 from Wellesley College. Her graduate major is in Geosciences with a minor in Environmental Studies and expects to earn her MS in December 2014. Taylor’s thesis (and poster) title is Early Mesozoic Cordilleran Arc Magmatism: The Detrital Record of Backarc Basin Deposits, Triassic Buckskin Formation, Western Arizona and Southeastern California.

Currently Taylor is doing a summer internship at Pioneer Natural Resources. Congratulations Taylor!

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