Congratulations to Our 2017 Intern Scholars

We are pleased to announce the recipients of our 2017 AHS intern scholarships! This is one of our flagship programs. Each intern gets the opportunity to work for several organizations — typically a combination of agencies, consulting firms, municipalities, and/or mining companies — where they conduct fieldwork and data analyses that are typical of an entry-level hydrology-related position. Each award includes a $3,000 stipend for 200 hours of work within the calendar year. This year, we’ve selected three winners. You can meet them at the 2017 Symposium, where they will formally receive their awards.

Halpenny Intern (Tucson): Samantha Swartz

Samantha is a UA senior seeking a B.S. in hydrology and water resources, was selected based on her enthusiasm for hydrology, work ethic, excellent communication skills, and academic record. In addition to working in a hydrology lab, Samantha has provided administrative support at a local law firm for the past few years. Her career goal is to “serve as a mediator between science and law,” and to translate hydrological understanding into better polices to improve the lives of future generations.

Bouwer Intern (Phoenix): Corey Caulkins

Corey just finished his junior year at ASU in the School of Life Sciences with a major in conservation biology and ecology. He has already completed his 40-hour OSHA training and is currently gaining experience at ARCADIS. His final host organization is to be named shortly.

Avery Intern (Flagstaff): Mellisa Yin

Mellisa is an NAU sophomore seeking a BSE in environmental engineering with a minor in chemistry and interests in biology, botany, photography, computer information systems, and geology. She has demonstrated a strong civic ethic and is very active in professional extracurricular activities, including the Society of Women’s Engineers, where she is president of the NAU section. Mellisa is also a founding member of the AZ Water Association / AWWA Student Chapter. She is considering working with several organizations for her internship: the USGS, City of Flagstaff, and Museum of Northern Arizona.

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