AHS Student Poster Competition Winners

As part of an effort to encourage greater student participation in AHS, this year’s Symposium organizers decided to host a poster contest. Students from NAU, ASU, and UA presented an impressive array of posters on topics related to the theme of “how to keep the water flowing.” To see the complete list, along with abstracts, click here.

Cash awards ranged from $100 to $600 and included both undergraduate and graduate divisions.

Congratulations to all of the winners — and a special thanks to their academic advisors. All of the students received a certificate of participation and got some valuable experience presenting the results of their studies in a professional setting.

Undergraduate Division

Erin Gray, UA, won first place for her poster, “Investigation of the hydrology of wetlands in Las Cienegas National Conservation Area.” If Erin’s name sounds familiar, it’s because she also received of one of our academic scholarships.

Second place went to Jaclin Torkelson, NAU, for her poster “Trace metal quantification in unregulated water sources on the Navajo Reservation.”

Third place went to Maria Jones, NAU, for her poster “Arsenic levels in surface and groundwater throughout northern Arizona.”

Graduate Division

Alissa White, UA, won first place for her poster “Hydrologic and environmental controls on uranium series and strontium isotopes in a natural environment.”

Second place went to Casey Jones, NAU, for her poster “Spring hydrograph and recession curve analysis in deep karst aquifer, Grand Canyon.”

Third place went to Jeffery Klakovich, UA, for his poster “Is geology destiny? Studying the dependence of effective conductivity on geologic conductivity.”

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