AHS Foundation News

AHS members and Arizona corporations were very generous in 2014, opening their wallets and attending a variety of fundraising functions that allowed us to continue to support education in Arizona. In total, $19,517 was donated to the Foundation in 2014, a record amount. Specifically, we thank our corporate sponsors, who funded most or our educational awards in 2014, including three university scholarships, three interns, and science fair awards in Phoenix and Tucson.

  • Central Arizona Project
  • Freeport McMoRan Foundation
  • Montgomery & Associates

We thank the many who attended the Phoenix Chapter wine tasting event that raised over $1,100 for the Herman Bouwer endowment.

We thank the 100 or so who bought raffle tickets that raised $3,355 for the Foundation. This unexpected bonus will allow the Foundation to move forward in developing a website.

We thank the following individual donors who helped to push the Foundation endowment fund to over $140,000:

  • Mike Block
  • Charles Ester
  • Michael Geddis
  • Marvin Glotfelty
  • Chuck Graf
  • Gary Hix
  • Mike Hulst
  • Laurel Lacher
  • Floyd Marsh
  • Jeff Meyer
  • Peter Mock
  • Errol Montgomery
  • Dennis Shirley
  • Mike Tomlinson
  • Gerd VonGlinski
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