AHS Foundation News: The Numbers Are In — AHS Members Contribute Big Time!

The AHS Foundation Endowment account has recently surpassed $150,000. The amazing thing is that this fund has been built entirely from individual donations from AHS members. Since Herman Bouwer established the Endowment in 2006, the Foundation has received more than 150 personal donations directed to the endowment from AHS members, mostly in the range from $25 to $250. And this does not include the wine tasting events, raffle ticket sales, silent auctions, and other fundraising events supported solely by AHS members. In keeping with Herman’s wishes, endowment donations have been — and will continue to be — kept as an investment account to generate revenue for future awards. Since 2006, those personal donations, along with Herman’s original $25,000 donation, have generated over $42,000 in investment earnings.

What is the goal of all this donation and investment? How much is enough? Consider this: At a conservative 4% return, a $500,000 endowment fund would provide $20,000 earnings every year that could be used for AHS charitable programs — stable, assured funding to support hydrology and earth science students. That is our goal.

Thank you for your donations.

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