Water Bankruptcy in the Land of Plenty

Pima County Regional Flood Control District Monthly Brown Bag Series

Date / Time: Wednesday, September 14, 12:00 – 1:00 PM
Location: 9th Floor Public Works Building, 201 North Stone
Presenter: Franck Poupeau, CNRS-University of Arizona, with the assistance of Ed Curley and Rositsa Yaneva

Water Bankruptcy in the Land of Plenty: Steps towards a transatlantic and transdisciplinary assessment of water scarcity in Southern Arizona

As the American Southwest faces its deepest drought in history, this book explores the provocative notion of “water bankruptcy” with a view towards emphasizing the diversity and complexity of water issues in this region. It bridges between the narratives of growth and the strategies or policies adopted to pursue competing agendas and circumvent the inevitable. A window of opportunity provided by this current long-term drought may be used to induce change by dealing with threats that derive from imbalances between growth patterns and available resources, the primary cause of scarcity.

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