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May 27 — June 14, 2017Earn NAU credits for GLG499, 3 credit hours

Characterization & Engineering of Karst Aquifers

Nearly 25 percent of the Earth’s surface consists of rocks that are susceptible to dissolving to create sinkholes and other erosional features. The type of terrain where these erosional features form is called “karst.” The science and engineering of karst was developed in what is now Serbia, Bosnia, and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Croatia. Colleagues at the University of Belgrade have formed the Centre for Karst Hydrogeology to translate their expertise in living and working with this type of earth surface terrain. They have created a summer course for international students that is jointly sponsored by UNESCO. The Director of the Center and lead instructor for the courses, Dr. Zoran Stevanovic, has invited Dr. Springer to have NAU students join this unique and innovative course. Dr. Springer has been invited to help co-teach the sections of the course related to his expertise in inventorying and assessing springs ecosystems. NAU students will participate in this international course and learn from the world experts in how centuries of Serbians have learned to live and work in karst.


  • Junior or senior in geology, environmental sciences, civil and environmental engineering or related fields with permission of instructor
  • Good academic standing
  • At last 18 years old


Abe Springer, Paul Gremillion — Professors; Natalie Morawietz — Advisor

Program Cost

NAU undergraduates: $2,905
NAU graduate students: $2941
Non-degree-seeking students: $2568

Includes NAU tuition and fees, $100 application fee, international health insurance, accommodation, in-country transportation, and most excursions

More Information

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