It’s Time to Elect New Officers for 2018

We have a tentative slate of new officers—along with a few open position—for 2018. There’s still plenty of time to nominate yourself or someone else, so please contact a chapter officer if you want to get involved:

Phoenix: Lee-Anna Walker | Tucson: Marla Odom | Flagstaff: Don Bills

Stay tuned for your official ballot.


President: Lee-Anna Walker
Vice President: David Sampson
Treasurer: Beth Proffitt
Secretary: Emily Vanaskey
Corporate Board: Mike Hulst
Corporate Board: Kirk Creswick
Board member: Stephen Flora


President: Marla Odom
Vice President: Vacant
Treasurer: Dan Guido
Secretary: Brittney Bates
Corporate Board: Mike Block


President: Vacant
Vice President: Paul Whitefield
Secretary: Clare Stielstra
Treasurer: Vacant
Corporate Board: Rob Balcels

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