Colorado River Basin Data Visualization Challenge: $60K in Prize Money

Launch: September 7, 2017
Close: November 17, 2017

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The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation seeks innovative, interactive, and user-driven visualizations to improve the understanding of past, current, and projected water conditions in the Colorado River Basin.

Reclamation and Colorado River Basin (CRB) data plays a significant role in the management of the Colorado River — including the operation of dams and canals to deliver water and generate power, water allocations and water use, and the protection/restoration of habitat for endangered and threatened species. State and local agencies, water users, recreationists, researchers, and other stakeholders and partners also rely on CRB data for a wide variety of uses.

Reclamation is currently working to make CRB data open and accessible to both Reclamation (internal) and non-Reclamation (external) users. However, better approaches to visualizing CRB data are needed to improve data exploration, analysis, interpretation, and communication by internal and external users. In particular, better visualization approaches are needed to improve our ability to understand and communicate current and projected conditions in the basin and the water management actions that affect those conditions.

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