AHS Foundation Update

The AHS Foundation had a prosperous 2013, and we thank our many donors. The scholarship, intern, and science fair programs were supported to a large extent by our Corporate Sponsors: Montgomery & Associates, Freeport McMoRan, and Central Arizona Project. Additional contributing corporations included Rosemont Copper, GeoSystems Analysis, Southwest Groundwater Construction, and the Symposium GoldSim workshop.

Many individual donations were made in memory of Herman Bouwer, who sadly passed away in August. Thirty-one people donated a total of $3,288 to the Bouwer Endowment in Herman’s memory. In total, 43 individuals contributed over $9,000 to the various endowment funds over the year.

Thank you again to all donors for supporting college and high school students of Arizona.

2013 Donors

2013 Symposium GoldSim Workshop
Neil Berman
Michael Block
Jesse Bouwer
Linda Harper Breuer
Anne Busfield
Central Arizona Project
Dave Christiana
Gail Cordy
Anita Duff
Margi Edlund
Rosie Feldheim
Freeport McMoRan
GeoSystems Analysis
Mr & Mrs Michael Ginsburg
Gerd Von Glinski
Marvin Glotfelty
Arlene Gorman
Chuck Graf
Howard Grahn
Robert Greene
Margaret Jones
Mary Kaul
Jan Kloenne
Paul Lindberg
Floyd Marsh
Jeffrey Meyer
Mishpocheh Grande Charurah
Karen Modesto
Susan Monnig
Errol L. Montgomery
Montgomery & Associates
Pedro Soto Navarro
Stephen Noel – SW Groundwater Construction
Rich Petrus
Phoenix Chapter Wine Tasting
Beth Proffitt
Annette Reese
Shirley Rish
Michele Robertson
Lee & Gordy Rogers
Rosemont Copper
Keith Ross
Dennis Shirley
Abe Springer
Mike Tomlinson
Paul Whitefield
Andrea Waxman

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