ADWR’S New Online Data Portal

Notice!  ADWR has developed an online data portal for the reporting and sharing of 3rd party water level data.

The new on-line data portal provides individuals and organizations with an online interface to submit water level data that allows for data sharing and eventually for various reporting requirements. Third party groundwater levels are directly input into ADWR’s Ground Water Site Inventory (GWSI) database.

Please note, at this time the portal only accepts water level data for wells with a GWSI Site ID. However, the next version of the portal will incorporate wells that have a 55-registration (well registry) number.  The WELLS-55 database contains information on most wells in the state; however, not all wells have been registered.  Therefore, some unregistered wells may be in GWSI but have not been registered.  Likewise many registered wells have not been field verified and are not included in GWSI.  Currently, over 21,000 wells have been matched or have a database ID in both GWSI and WELLS-55.

If you would like to learn more about the portal please contact Teri Davis (602-771-8671) or to request a logon to the portal for your organization, click here.

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