Paul Lindberg (AHS-Flagstaff Chapter) Coauthors Oak Creek Book

Our own Paul Lindberg is author of a chapter in the recently published book Legacy of the Oak Creek Watershed: OakCreekWatershed_book_coverPreserving Our Past, Present and Future (Oak Creek Watershed Council, 2014) available from Amazon as a paperback book or Kindle® e-book. According to Amazon, “[i]n the collaborative effort of Legacy of the Oak Creek Watershed, more than a dozen authors and over 30 contributors came together to create a timely reassessment of the past, present, and future of the Oak Creek Watershed. The book examines the watershed from an environmentally holistic perspective, detailing the recreational opportunities, human history, geologic timeline, hydrologic cycle, water law, ecological diversity, and the challenges and opportunities we must face before we love our watershed to death. Legacy of the Oak Creek Watershed is the record of these issues, and upholds the scientific clarity that must be understood to protect and preserve the integrity of the water and the land—the lifeblood of the watershed community.”

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